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Amanda's Pet Care was voted one of the Best Dog Walkers/Pet Sitters in Washingtonian Magazine's Guide to the Best Pet Care 2011!

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Arlington Pet Sitting Services & Rates

Amanda's Pet Care's pet sitting services are different. As a pet owner myself, I know you don't care how long it takes to feed your dog, scoop a litter box, or ride the elevator up to your apartment. You want to know that your pets are getting all the exercise, attention, playtime, and love that they deserve. So I spend my visits with your pets making sure your energetic puppy gets to run around and wear himself out, your dog gets all the belly rubs they love, and your cat gets all the chin scratches they want. And of course all the other basic care tasks your pet requires are included too but Amanda's Pet Care knows that's what's important to you is that your pet is getting top notch care and lots of love while you're away from home and so that's what's important to me.

Pet Sitting Services are offered for weekend service or any time you need to be out of town, whether for business or pleasure. If you are looking for weekday mid-day dog walking services please visit the Dog Walking page.


Dog Visits

1 Dog: $26/visit Additional Fee for 2 Dogs: FREE

Dog Visits are our pet sitting service for dogs but are also available if you'll be away from home for several hours on a weekend and would like your dog to get some exercise and a potty break. Three visits per day are required for all dogs while you are out of town.


Cat Visits

1 Cat: $20/visit Additional Fee for 2 Cats: FREE

Cat Visits are a daily visit for your feline friend while you're out of town or if they just need some extra attention when you're working long hours. All cats are visited at least once a day (every 24 hours) to ensure their health and well-being.


Additional Fees

Registration Fee $20.00
Extra 10 Minutes Added to Visit $6.00
Extra 20 Minutes Added to Visit $10.00
Litter Box Cleaning $22.00
Key Pick Up or Key Return Fee (If Not Kept on File) $14.00
Late Payment Fee (For Every 5 Days Overdue) $25.00
Returned Check Fee $25.00
Holiday Fee $6.00/visit

Looking for more information about Amanda? Visit the About Me page. Or if you're ready to book, contact me now!