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Amanda's Pet Care was voted one of the Best Dog Walkers/Pet Sitters in Washingtonian Magazine's Guide to the Best Pet Care 2011!

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Arlington Dog Walking Services & Rates

Does your dog need some exercise and a potty break during the day while you're at work? Dog walks with this Arlington dog walker are no stroll around the block, Amanda's Pet Care averages between 1/3-1 mile walk per visit depending on the pace of your dog and whether they like to sniff every 3rd blade of grass or every 13th. I believe that your pets deserve 100% of my attention so you also won't find me on my phone during our visit, unless of course it's to snap a quick picture to send to you.

Dog Walking Services are available Monday-Friday only. If you are looking for weekend services please visit the Pet Sitting page.


Monthly Dog Visits Program

5 Days Per Week (M-F): $349/month Additional Fee for 2 Dogs: FREE
(Estimated Savings of $732 annually) Additional Fee for 3+ Dogs: $62/month

The Monthly Dog Visits Program is for one daily visit, Monday-Friday between 10am and 4pm, on an ongoing basis. You will be billed monthly and payment is due in advance by the 25th of each month for the upcoming month. The program includes 15 cancellation flex days annually which will be credited at the rate of $80 per week. Please contact me for more details.


Daily Dog Visits

1 Dog: $24/visit Additional Fee for 2 Dogs: FREE
10-14 days/month: Save $2/visit 15 or more days/month: Save $4/visit

Daily Dog Visits are for clients who need a daily visit on a regular basis but need more flexibility than the Monthly Dog Visits Program allows. Rates start at $24.00 per visit and are discounted based on the number of days per month you schedule a visit.


Puppy Walk Program™

1 Puppy: $140.00/week 2 Puppies: $160.00/week

The Puppy Walk Program™ is a unique service that allows your puppy a potty break as well as some stimulation and training reinforcement during the day while you are at work! The Puppy Walk Program™ includes one 20 minute and one 10 minute visit per day. Additional 10 minute visits may be added at the rate of $70 per week.


Additional Fees

Registration Fee $20.00
Extra 10 Minutes Added to Visit $6.00
Extra 20 Minutes Added to Visit $10.00
Key Pick Up or Key Return Fee (If Not Kept on File) $14.00
Late Payment Fee (For Every 5 Days Overdue) $25.00
Returned Check Fee $25.00
Holiday Fee $6.00/visit

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